Merry Christmas from Eat Spanish

The new generation of Spanish chefs in Australia have a lot to be thankful for!

This year we will not be able to spend the Christmas festivities with our families, but the Spanish chefs and food enthusiasts at EatSpanish have a lot to be thankful for. Greatly appreciative of the way Australia has handled the global pandemic in 2020, the EatSpanish community has decided to unite and create a light-hearted video thanking Australia for keeping us safe during this crisis.

Created by Rubén Lopez Mesa, a young chef from Madrid currently delighting Orange with his inventive cuisine, EatSpanish unites the new generation of Spanish chefs – and anyone who is passionate about Spanish gastronomy – with the goal of experimenting, promoting, and fusing local products with the best of Spanish imports in Australia. “We want to create a new wave of Spanish gastronomy away from outdated clichés and stereotypes, focusing on sustainability and collaboration” affirms EatSpanish founder Rubén López Mesa.

“At EatSpanish we not only work extremely hard to make everyone feel like part of a big family”, explains López Mesa, “we also strongly believe in supporting the local Australian economy and fostering powerful collaborations between producers and our members”.

The EatSpanish community has grown exponentially in a year when most of its members worried about their families in Spain, one of the pandemic hotspots. “After this big great pause, we can’t wait to show Australia the many exciting events we have planned for 2021”, reveals Rubén. “We plan on becoming the largest movement of Spanish chefs outside of Spain.”


Escucha a Eric García vice-presidente de EAT SPANISH en la Radio4EB de Qld.

Ya puedes escuchar este programa sobre gastronomía española en la radio Australiana gracias a nuestros amigos de TASSCA. ¡Gracias Manuel por invitarnos a esta initiativa!

¿Cómo puedo hacerme miembro de #eatspanish?

Sí te apetece participar en éste proyecto, elige el tipo de membresía que más te interese y ponte en contacto con nuestro Tesorero

Nota: Buscamos apasionad@s de nuestra gastronomía con ganas de participar en ésta asociación. No hace falta ser cocinero o cocinera profesional, simplemente amar nuestra cultura y nuestra cocina.

Redes sociales: receta del éxito de los chefs españoles en Australia

By Rocío Otoya. Sydney, Australia 21 Dec 2020 (

A chat about Spanish gastronomy.

The 1st public conference at Instituto Cervantes in Sydney 25/3/19

instituto cervantes conf

Thank you very much to everyone who attended our first public conference about #spanishchefsinaustralia and #eatspanish.

Thank you very much Raquel Romero, Director of Instituto Cervantes in Sydney and Miriam Garcia for organizing this event and for allowing us to talk about our love for food and our experience as migrants in Australia.

Special thanks to Mr. Juan Manuel Molina, Consul General of Spain for attending and support us in this exciting new wave of food in Australia.

And finally a MASSIVE thanks to chefs Victor Moya Higueras and David Sorroche for sharing stage, experiences and much more with us!! We have so much admiration and respect for both of you guys.

International news!

“Canguro con chorizo” trendy on Google.


Pretty incredible the reaction in the Spanish media about our work promoting Spanish gastronomy & the new wave of #SpanishchefsinAustralia, thank you!!

This is the list of newspapers mentioning Eat Spanish and the incredibly talented chefs Santi Fernandez & Victor Moya Higueras.

1. AgenciaEFE
2. LaRazòn
3. LaVanguardia
4. 20Minutos
5. Diario Sur
6. AguasDigital
7. AndaluciaInformaciòn
8. El Diario
9. El Economista
10. Hoy
11. LaRioja
12. LeònNoticias
13. El Correo
14. Las Provincias
15. LaVerdad
16. Burgos Conecta
17. Gerente
18. DiarioMontañes
19. SBS Spanish
20. El Heraldo
21. Marca
22. GT Hoy
22. Gerente

Spanish chefs in Australia

Updated list of members of Spanish chefs in Australia 2019.

spanish chefs in australia

This is the list of the chefs showcasing Spanish gastronomy in different states or territories in Australia (NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, NT & SA).

Ruben Lopez Mesa, Oscar Ballesteros, Victor Moya Higueras, David León, Luis Morilla Ariza, Andres Cuevas Rodriguez, Daniel Wallace, Pachi Rodriguez, Miguel Maestre, Laura Ballester, Zaratrusta Nullarbor Plain, Alfredo Fernandez Fernandez, Jon Ingunza, Cristina Ojeda, Michael Cuevas Rouse, Edi Socias Botija, May Siletch, Pol Urgell Lluveras, Carlos Pancorbo, Aitor Mena, Markus Kunz, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Dani Bautista,

Javier Pérez González, Pablo Diaz Martin, Ig Gy, Diego Juncal Riley, Paco Pinedo, Frank Camorra, Nacho Castells Rusiñol, Rubén Molins Garcia, Josep Espuga, Hector Silvaje Solano, Jorge Belenguer Piles, Marc Albalate, José C. Rueda, Alba Gomez, Susana Purep, Rober de la Cruz, Marco Valcarcel, Veronica OG, Connie de la Parra, Ana Thomas, Sandra Mosquera, Xavier Pardo, Maria Mozas, Luis Lima

Ariseng Garcia

Alfonso Alés, Jesus Romero Carrillo, Javier Perez Gonzalez

Oscar Inchausti, Jordi Atienza Sorribas, Santi Fernandez, Marta Sirvent Mengual, Fernando Sanchez, Enrique Taboada, Manu Gargallo, Horacio Menezo, Quim Hernandez and Aglae Hernandez.

Raul SP, Katia Debutante Beauvoir, Toni Pascual Mestre, Javier Codina, Tonny Gore, Eric Garcia

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